CASA part II: Published!

Published in the paper this week!

Published in the paper this week!

We did it! As a follow up to last weeks decision to write a letter to the Star-Advertiser, one of their editors over there called me up and said he’d like to publish the letter. I told him “sure, that’s why I wrote it, so you would publish it.” He said he had to 1. Make sure it was me, and 2. Ask what part of town I live in, since they don’t normally identify people by their occupation.

See the first part of this conversation here.

I told them absolutely. Especially since in the letter I take them to task for drumming up support on the death of a baby, I don’t want to be hypocritically doing the same thing. He agrees, but then says that my position gives further credibility to my letter. “Up to you,” I say. I just want people to understand what really goes on out there.

And then I woke up Wednesday morning and what happened, my name is in the paper!


Not one phone call. Not one e-mail. Nothing.

I have to think no one who knows me read it.  They didn’t read the on-line version, they didn’t read the paper version. Or they skimmed it and missed the name.  The name is not so common, they even put my number!

And it was edited.  Please see the other half of this post to see the original, unedited version of the letter. I think the unedited version is punchier, but sometimes people don’t want punchy over their morning coffee.

And definitely no response from CASA. But we knew there wouldn’t be, right? What are they going to say “No, the judges don’t care about children.” Or would they say, “Sorry, we misspoke.” Of course not, never admit to a mistake.

Because that is what they are teaching to our children.

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