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Marcus Landsberg IV, Attorney-at-Law

As a child, Marcus watched an attorney work tirelessly to save his father’s life. After 13 years and multiple court hearings the Landsberg family was finally made whole. His family’s struggle is his foundation.

Of course Marcus was going to be a Trial Attorney after that.

As a youth, Marcus spent his summers in Mo’ili’ili with his local family. After medaling in state-wide Academic competitions back in California, Marcus then went to the University of Arkansas on a Full Academic Scholarship. Once there, he received other scholarships that took him around the world. He was elected president of his Fraternity chapter and other campus organizations.

Marcus has been an avid reader, people watcher, and student from his youth, and it paid off a thousandfold.
After spending a few years in Japan, Marcus was awarded a scholarship for UH Law School. Marcus returned to Mo’ili’ili and received his Juris Doctor degree.

For the last nine years he has been active in Courtrooms around Oahu and Maui, giving advice on the radio, and building his reputation for strong trial work.

Hiking trip

Hiking North Korea.

Marcus and Yoshiko Landsberg

The day I proposed to my wife.

The Landsberg Family

The Landsberg Family

Now married and an expectant father, Marcus lives to see in his client’s children the same look Marcus once had. Inside knowing: he has come full circle since that attorney saved his father, a lifetime ago.


Education Highlights

University of Hawai’i at Manoa – William S. Richardson School of Law

  • Active: PALSO, Delta Theta Phi
  • Scholarship: Pacific/Asian Legal Studies Scholarship

Golden Gate University, School of Law/Mahawithayalai Mahidol

  • Summer program in Bangkok
  • Focused on international and Southeast Asian Law

University of Arkansas at Fayetteville

  • Active: Phi Kappa Tau, Associated Student Government, Just about everything.
  • Scholarship:  Chancellor’s Fellowship (Full Ride)


  • Kansai Gaikokugo Daigaku
  • Active: Jissen Karate
  • Scholarship: Fulbright Institute of International Relations Scholarship


  • Shimane Daigaku
  • Active: Tea Ceremony, Calligraphy, Kendo, Coin Drums, etc.
  • Scholarship: Fulbright Institute of International Relations Scholarship

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