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    • Felony: Five, Ten, Twenty Years to life, a felony conviction ends life as you know it. Marcus has helped Defendants in cases as serious as attempted Murder in the First Degree, and Sex Assault on a Child walk out the front door of the courtroom with no ramifications!
    • Misdemeanor: Slightly less serious in jail time,  this is the charge that can ruin a career path. Many cases fall into the misdemeanor category. We have helped defendants keep their records clean of charges diverse as marijuana possessioncriminal property damage, and Dangerous Dog-type charges.
    • DUI: In Honolulu good people get picked up for the crime of DUI constantly. The Landsberg Law Office gives the Defendant the best of both worlds by drawing on the sum of experience from both the Prosecutor’s Office and a Lifetime Defense Attorney.
    • Abuse: Whether she wants to withdraw the charges or whether never want to see her again, the Prosecutor’s love to prosecute Abuse-type charges more than any other case. Be careful of trying to handle an Abuse case on your own and only making it worse.
    • Excessive Speeding and Other Traffic (Racing/Reckless):  These charges that carry a much higher penalty (often including the denial of driving privileges) than ordinary tickets. The recipients of these tickets are often first time offenders who have no idea how serious they can be.
    • Drugs/Paraphernalia: More than any other type of charge, these are the cases we’ve spent years preparing and trying. Not my pants, not my purse, never mind my driver’s license, and I didn’t know it was next to my foot are all prior victories.

Business law

    • Disagreement?Call Back-up!

    • Our Network of Attorneys: The Landsberg Law Office takes pride in the extensive network of attorneys we have developed through extensive Court experience. Just because we don’t specialize in something, doesn’t mean we can’t direct you to the attorney who is the right representative to match your character and style.
    • Personal Injury: Sometimes you’re hurt and the other side just isn’t treating you fair. That’s when you need an attorney on your side.  A trained fighter in your corner.  We offer free consultations, and in some situations have solved cases with just a few phone calls and solved cases for free.
    • No-Fault insurance
    • Family Court
    • Divorce
    • Business negotiations
    • Mainland Counsel: We’ve represented mainland interests in a number of cases.  Operating as a local counsel by providing our local insight and experience in courts with a very different culture and tradition from mainland courts.

Representative Cases

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