Driving Under the Influence

I got a DUI, now what?

Here at the Landsberg Law Office we have developed a series of Handbooks to help inform people in Hawaii how the process of a DUI works. Feel free to download these books and use them for own education. Please don’t think the information in these manuals are enough to get you through the DUI procedure without legal help, but using these will help you understand what your attorney is talking about.

Before meeting lawyers, learn the same tricks they know:DUI BOOK!

There are many DUI attorneys. The attorneys at the LLO all defend a variety of cases so we have a well-rounded, holistic approach to DUIs. Our techniques lawyers use for more complex cases, and we translate that to DUI success. While there are Defendants who choose attorneys who only do DUIs, here at the Landsberg Law Office we do more than DUIs, which helps us do DUIs better!

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Reference forms you may need in the future.

Permission for the Ignition Interlock Permit to Drive.

Permission to Remove the Registration Stopper on a Vehicle.