Year One Highlights

First Year Highlights

Our One Year Luau!

Welcome to our One Year Luau

In the past year the Landsberg Law Office started on a wish and taken off harder and faster than we could have hoped. In celebration on June 1st, the one year anniversary of our founding, we’re invited our friends, old and new, to come through and celebrate with us.  It wouldn’t be a birthday party without Ice Cream and Cake, so we’ll have that for sure!

June 1st, 2012: Friday, all day during business hours.

The event is designed for you to drop by for five or fifteen minutes, see the office, and greet the members.  There’s no organized schedule, and you can escape in time if you need to finish your billable hours for the month. Look forward to seeing you all there!

Below are some Highlights of our First year!

Landsberg Law Office Presents Santa’s Workshop

Partnering with the Honolulu Academy of Arts and Bank of Hawaii to provide Santa Claus free of charge for patrons of Honolulu Academy of Arts Family Day, December 2011

Wang Chung’s at the Liquor Commission

Our first appearance (and victory) in front of the liquor commission.

Lawyers and Social Media

Being consistently the highest ranked local lawyer on social media, being the example that other lawyers see during social media training, and beating those two powerhouses in the picture above.

King Kalakaua Middle School

Speaking to the King Kalakaua Middle School students about potential future jobs for career day.

Freeing Lunch Trucks

Being instrumental in passing an amended version of Bill 59 that allows Lunch Trucks to sell food again. (Read more about it here.)

Joint Legal Assistance

Being invited to speak to the United States Military Joint Legal Assistance officers. We always do what we can to help those service members in trouble. Thank you so much for the coin.

Moving In the New Office

In mid-November we moved into our current office space. (See more about our space here.) No Looking back now! If you would have told me I would be here today a year ago, I never would have believed you.


And many other victories that are either too personal or too private for my clients, that I would never announce in public. I look forward to seeing all of you at the party!


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