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Skyline at the top of Mauna Kea



(or, a love-letter to a childhood observatory)

First and foremost, I think telescopes are awesome. More than telescopes, I love observatories. And I love planetariums. I have a child with whom, someday, I would love to share the wonders of the Universe.

I’m exactly who the […]

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Pro bono representation offer

Pro bono legal representation – #Carmageddon


On Tuesday, March 31, while stuck in nightmare traffic, due to the zipper lane breaking down, more than 60 people were given an electronic device ticket for using their phones while stuck. The Landsberg Law Office will offer free legal representation to anyone who got […]

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KHON article on Kalani Silva

Terroristic Threatening or Rap Music

Terroristic Threatening: can you be incarcerated for rap lyrics? Absolutely.

On March 12, 2015 KC and Tantra from the Power 104.3 morning show here in Honolulu called me up to ask this question. Like Tantra said, “That’s his first amendment! Of course he can say that […]

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Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 12.33.16 PM

Happy New Year

2015 has already started and I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who’s trusted me with their case already this year. There’s a whole lot of things to discuss about simply the first two months of this year, that instead of going on […]

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A plastic army figure fighting invading microplastics

Kailua Sand Sifter Competition


The benefits of having attorney Noah Gibson join the Landsberg Law Office goes beyond helping our clients with a greater degree of attentiveness. Noah is a long time board member of Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii and devotes much of his time to helping maintain Hawaii’s beautiful coast.

This […]

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$30 for 12 water bottles at Whole Foods

Price gouging and Hurricane Iselle


What’s going on right now with price gouging in the state of Hawaii is a crime.

No really. It’s a crime.
Price gouging is unconscionable in the face of natural disasters such as Hurricane Iselle. We all understand mark-ups and the […]

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The midnight raids against Honolulu's Homeless

Honesty in Legislation


Homelessness is a national problem and a horrific issue. The competing interests of being my brother’s keeper and taking care of my family create hard choices.  Anyone with a heart who enters Kaka’ako sees homeless families with smiling, playing children. How horrible must the alternative be […]

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Sledghammer brower 590

Alternatives to Tom Brower’s Homeless Hammering


This is a continuation of an article on the Huffington Post. Click here to read what triggered the solutions discussed in this article.

Representatives and Shopping Carts.

Arguing these carts are stolen property doesn’t understand the American economy. We know Foodland has shopping carts that […]

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