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Big Teeze

“My personal lawyer! He got my FULL endorsement. U need help CALL MY BOY! BOOMSKI! Bro, if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be where I’m at today. Real Talk! U saved my life bradda!  Full jury selection against me but da TRUTH prevailed! Thanks for believing! Cheeehoo!


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Kathy Sills

When life throws you a sucker punch Marcus Landsberg puts on the gloves. He will not settle for anything less than what is right for his client!
I am a hard working mother, wife and small business owner. While peddling my product I was cited by HPD for a petty misdemeanor. I was referred to Marcus Landsberg by someone that was also very satisfied with his professional abilities as an Attorney.
I felt that he was very thorough with his research in regards to the violation that I was charged with. I was offered a plea bargain of a small monetary amount but I felt strongly that I did nothing wrong and did not want this on my record. He was ready to go to trial and not take the easy way out with the plea bargain. At the trial he ate up the prosecutors(3 showed up). Very attentive, on the edge of the chair and knew his business. He had everyone scrambling, including the Judge, to understand the law and all of it’s revisions. In the end I was acquitted, found not guilty! I feel very fortunate to have met Mr. Landsberg and that his professionalism, knowledge and performance were outstanding!


Ashley V.

Mark was WONDERFUL. He helped save my husbands career. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Military WifeAshley V.

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