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Recommendation Hawaii Lawyer — Lawyers recommend Marcus Landsberg

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SO recently I’ve been engrossed in a jury trial (we won!) and now I’m turning my attention to a CPS custody case, and I don’t normally want to “tweet” my own horn.
But today my twitter tweeped and I checked it and I saw this recommendation from Hawaii State Representative Della Au Belatti, I definitely wanted to put it up here and let everyone who follows my blog know.  It’s very easy to know who is currently sitting on top of the attorney mountain, but it’s not everyday that you see one attorney publicly declare another attorney is a future “leader in the profession”.
And being that Representative Au Belatti is a woman of great foresight, there’s a very good probability she’s right!
Big Teeze Recommends lawyer Marcus Landsberg, Big Teeze, 808 HoesAnother person who got on twitter to support my private attorney life is my old friend Big Teeze.  You all know Big Teeze from as a veteran of Hawaii Radio, currently on 93.1 Da Pa’ina Radio station Afternoon drive time.
I cannot guarantee everything he says, but Big Teeze has always had a way of saying the truth by speaking his mind.  I always appreciate the love from my Bredren, from the Capitol, to the courthouse.
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Exciting Changes Coming Soon!

Well, we’ve been building up to this point!

Keep checking back to this webpage for the announcement. but there should be exciting changes coming soon. The webpage for one thing should have a complete overhaul. We’ve already announced our Facebook page (please like us):


And follow the twitter at @LandsbergLaw where I post

The latest updates in Hawaii Law.
The latest news I receive on roadblocks or potential police infractions.
Anything I’m in the mood to post!

A good way to get started is to follow the twitter and go back and read some of my favorite posts. Already, my research shows I’m the highest Klout ranked lawyer in the State of Hawaii, and that was within about two days of joining Twitter.

Soon I’m launching “Free Legal Advice in 140 Characters” Any question you can ask in 140 characters on twitter, I’ll do my best to answer in the same. We have to pick a day. Or maybe one random day a week? Not sure. Feel free to start with questions now though.

It’s an exciting time at the Landsberg Law office. Recently work has picked up, and that means less time spent on the website. See you in Court!

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Judaism and the Law — I made it!

Marcus Landsberg, Judaism, the law, defense attorneys

 So my essay on Judaism and Defense Attorneys was quoted on the “Fighting Anti-Jewish Racism” blog.  I feel like I’ve finally made it.

More importantly, they’ve added the tag “Marcus-today”.  I guess the whole Jewish world needs to know what I write immediately.  Marcus-yesterday is not good enough.  Marcus-every-few-days no no no.  We need “Marcus-today”.  I’m in.

It’s a mitzvah!

Not the Nancy Grace Show — Bad Attorney

Nancy Grace, Objection, Casey Anthony, Bad LawyerI want to be very clear about this:  This blog does not follow the same rules as the Nancy Grace show.  Opinions are welcome.  (Informed opinions slightly more so, but uninformed opinions can give me inspiration to write more, so ok.)  Telling someone you disagree with them in a strong way: entertaining.

Accusations of crimes, okay IF THEY ARE GUILTY.  If they have a strong likelihood of guilt, its okay as long as its easy to understand that you are not saying they have been found guilty.

If you are saying someone has a criminal record, or someone is on a “troll watch list”, put the link to the credible evidence to your accusation.  I have no idea which “troll watch list” you are talking about.  So link to it.  You know about it, it’s been bothering you for years, then you probably have it bookmarked.

IF YOU ACCUSE someone of slander 1. Understand what that means, because I think it’s hard to commit on a blog site, and 2. say what the slander was, because I don’t see it.

This is not Nancy Grace.  I will not have unfounded accusations floating around my site.  Unless I make them.


Learning as always, this blawg is teaching me all sorts of things:

Ceci n'est pas une chart

First, if I announce a new post on Facebook, a large group of friends will check it out every time.  I’m doing my best to keep that to a minimum.  I don’t want to lose friends to gain readers  Rather I want increase both.

I have a decent core audience who check everyday and my numbers have found their minimum threshold.  I do it for you, the fans (I think it’s mainly my parents.  And process servers.)

Mondays and Fridays seem to be the day people check the blog on a higher average than other days.  I’m going to keep this unscientific survey going, but right now, that’s what I’m seeing.  I’m assuming this is people looking to put off ending the weekend, and people waiting to escape their job.

The people who find me by Google are looking for me by name.  Rarely are they looking for me as “Hawaii Criminal Lawyer”,  but being how the blog is set up, I think there’s a IP screening issue I need to look at.

Finally, One person really just wanted to see a picture of a “snarling dog”.  so at least I expanded my market there.

For every person who’s told me “Tell those trial stories” I get someone who says “I think you need to talk about current events more.”  And for every “Stop talking about current events”, I get a “Stop making up those trial stories.  You know you never argued that a Dog committed the crime.  What, Lassie get warrants in Hawaii too?”

But what I get more than anything else, is people walking through the courthouse whispering in passing, “Oh hey, like the blog.”  So we’ll keep it going and see how it affects life.  And as always, I’m open to suggestions, ideas, and most importantly, compliments.

Thanks for reading!

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Issues in Hawaii Law.

Below is a collection of Articles I've written about Hawaii law.  Most are about criminal defense, Honolulu trial work, or future legal trends. Courtroom experience is probably the most common.  Others are comments on local or national law.  Hopefully there is something for you to find and enjoy.  If nothing else, you'll see the way I feel about certain issues, and the thought processes I put into legal problems we solve.

And some stories are just too funny NOT to tell.......

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