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Tickets for riding a bicycle on the beach in Hawaii.

Can you get a DUI on a bicycle

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Another attorney pointed this out to me, seems very apt for today’s news. Here’s today’s news:

Original post:

Can you get cited for Driving Under the Influence while on a bicycle?

Absolutely not. If your […]

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Police lights

Announcing the Honolulu Roadblock Map!


Today we hit, and surpassed, 250 Facebook likes!

So, to thank all of you who have been such good fans and customers, we accelerated the schedule on our next big web update and decided to announce early our latest contribution to the Hawaii legal community.

We spent our […]

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Little brown hairs everywhere


So the Police officer is going to come in, and see if he recognizes anybody.
I announce this to the gallery of Defendants and their families and they look at each other shocked!
Don’t worry, we’re trying to see if he recognizes the person who he […]

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