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Nothing hurts more than when the one you love accuses you of hurting them physically. An Abuse charge can pervert the law and affect child custody cases, alimony and divorce settlements. Your attorney needs experience with legal questions to get to the truth. We will explain to you the six categories of defense, and determine which one the facts of your case fall into.

Personal Injury

Whether slip and fall or car accident, medical malpractice or first amendment violations, the Landsberg Law Office uses the methodology that brings success. Being particular about every detail drives well-researched and positioned attacks on your behalf, until your wrongs have been corrected.

About Me

As a child, Marcus watched an attorney work tirelessly to save his father’s life. After 13 years and multiple court hearings the Landsberg family was finally made whole. This family struggle is his foundation.
Of course Marcus was going to be a Trial Attorney after that.

As a youth, Marcus spent his summers in Mo’ili’ili with his local family. After medaling in state-wide Academic competitions back in California, Marcus went to the University of Arkansas on a Full Academic Scholarship. Once there, he received other scholarships that took him around the world. He was elected president of his Fraternity chapter and other campus organizations.

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