Barukh atah Adonai Elohaynu melekh ha-olam

I have spoken to tons of potential clients since going private.  They all have different needs, different problems, different uses for attorneys.  They all have one thing in common.  They have all mentioned the fact that I’m Jewish. (Alright, maybe just 70%)

My favorite is the Morror. Actually my favorite is counting the plagues.

My cousin asked me, why does everyone want a Jewish attorney?

I explained to him, everyone understands Jews have a “covenant [contract] with God”.   While many Christians may believe they are justified by faith alone,  for Jews the idea is that we have to follow a list of “Commandments” (as well as about 613 other rules) to keep our contract with God.

So here’s the mathematical “proof”:

  1. Jews contract, or covenant with God is our law.
  2. It is our duty as Jews to fulfill these laws.
  3. God wrote the law, or contract (called the Torah, or the Old Testament).
  4. God is perfect and all knowing.
  5. Anything in the Torah, God meant to be in there, anything left out of the Torah, God meant to leave out.

Therefore,  any “loophole” a Jew can find in the Torah, out of those 613 rules, is not a loophole: God meant it to be there.

God wants us to find loopholes.   When we find and exploit these loopholes, only then we are truly doing our duty before God.

And I guess, people want someone with 6,000 years of tradition looking for holes in contracts or the law!

Wonder of wonder, miracle of miracles...
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