Learning as always, this blawg is teaching me all sorts of things:

Ceci n'est pas une chart

First, if I announce a new post on Facebook, a large group of friends will check it out every time.  I’m doing my best to keep that to a minimum.  I don’t want to lose friends to gain readers  Rather I want increase both.

I have a decent core audience who check everyday and my numbers have found their minimum threshold.  I do it for you, the fans (I think it’s mainly my parents.  And process servers.)

Mondays and Fridays seem to be the day people check the blog on a higher average than other days.  I’m going to keep this unscientific survey going, but right now, that’s what I’m seeing.  I’m assuming this is people looking to put off ending the weekend, and people waiting to escape their job.

The people who find me by Google are looking for me by name.  Rarely are they looking for me as “Hawaii Criminal Lawyer”,  but being how the blog is set up, I think there’s a IP screening issue I need to look at.

Finally, One person really just wanted to see a picture of a “snarling dog”.  so at least I expanded my market there.

For every person who’s told me “Tell those trial stories” I get someone who says “I think you need to talk about current events more.”  And for every “Stop talking about current events”, I get a “Stop making up those trial stories.  You know you never argued that a Dog committed the crime.  What, Lassie get warrants in Hawaii too?”

But what I get more than anything else, is people walking through the courthouse whispering in passing, “Oh hey, like the blog.”  So we’ll keep it going and see how it affects life.  And as always, I’m open to suggestions, ideas, and most importantly, compliments.

Thanks for reading!

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