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Tent camping under the Hawaii Sky

The Landsberg Law Office celebrates six successful years in criminal defense

The Landsberg Law Office Roast Beef Sandwich. Being Santa Claus. Sponsoring comedy shows. Guest hosting the Power104.3 morning drive. Surf Contests. Rising Star awards. Giving Lectures. Teaching classes  Penthouse office. Glass elevator.

Some of you even had a chance to be on the legal show pilot.

And […]

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Breath machine in car

How to install the ignition interlock

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Getting a DUI is no fun, but one of the worst penalties that you may be subject to is a license suspension. The license exception is generally at a minimum a year, and the license suspension is absolute, meaning no exceptions for work or school or treatment. For […]

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Honey dipped pineapples

Shanah Tovah! Happy New Year

Why do I only do posts for New Year’s?

At the end (and the beginning) of the Jewish Calendar we celebrate New Year. One of the traditional foods we eat is apples dipped in honey. The natural sweetness of the apples is important, but we dip it […]

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Dismissal DUI records

National DUI vs. Hawaii DUI


“There’s three types of lies in the world: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” – Origin disputed. 

(Infographic courtesy of Project Know, using Department of Justice statistics).

Congratulations Hawaii! According the the US Department of Justice and the FBI our DUI arrests are way under the National Average. Either […]

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Future of the law

Landsberg Law Office Celebrates Four Years in June

Four years ago in May upon reflection and discussion with my new wife, I realized that, no matter how much I dreamed of being a Public Defender forever, my time there was coming to a close. It was time for me to leave.  May 31, 2011 was my […]

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Skyline at the top of Mauna Kea



(or, a love-letter to a childhood observatory)

First and foremost, I think telescopes are awesome. More than telescopes, I love observatories. And I love planetariums. I have a child with whom, someday, I would love to share the wonders of the Universe.

I’m exactly who the […]

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Pro bono representation offer

Pro bono legal representation – #Carmageddon


On Tuesday, March 31, while stuck in nightmare traffic, due to the zipper lane breaking down, more than 60 people were given an electronic device ticket for using their phones while stuck. The Landsberg Law Office will offer free legal representation to anyone who got […]

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KHON article on Kalani Silva

Terroristic Threatening or Rap Music

Terroristic Threatening: can you be incarcerated for rap lyrics? Absolutely.

On March 12, 2015 KC and Tantra from the Power 104.3 morning show here in Honolulu called me up to ask this question. Like Tantra said, “That’s his first amendment! Of course he can say that […]

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