$30 for 12 water bottles at Whole Foods
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Price gouging and Hurricane Iselle

What’s going on right now with price gouging in the state of Hawaii is a crime. No really. It’s a crime. Price gouging is unconscionable

The midnight raids against Honolulu's Homeless
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Honesty in Legislation

Homelessness is a national problem and a horrific issue. The competing interests of being my brother’s keeper and taking care of my family create hard choices. 

Tickets for riding a bicycle on the beach in Hawaii.

Can you get a DUI on a bicycle

UPDATE NEWS: Another attorney pointed this out to me, seems very apt for today’s news. Here’s today’s news: Original post: Can you get cited for

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Zimmerman and society and the future

Zimmerman and where we go from here (or hopefully – don’t) We’re unhappy with the verdict. We wanted a verdict that closed our nation’s cultural

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Zimmerman as a trial explained

I don’t think I was shocked by the verdict. Usually, by the end of opening statements experienced attorneys can predict, with reasonable certainty, the outcome

Racist Misogynist Poster
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Shaming as strategy

So there is a new imaginary problem that people are complaining about on the Internet.  A summary of the complaint for context, but I really

911 App Honolulu
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Honolulu 911 App

Honolulu 911 calls go like this: Your heart is racing. You either witness, or suffer, an illegal activity. You’re nervous, everything is coming at you.

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Punishment in Hawaii – Laws and Trends

   “We can and should do better. But “doing better” doesn’t mean simply focusing on social services and systemic reforms and ignoring the need for

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