Juvenile Justice

Solving Prostitution Part II

[info_box_3 title=”Update…“] This all started because I read a petition that used sensationalism over substance to achieve a visceral reaction to gain a signature for


Announcing the Honolulu Roadblock Map!

Today we hit, and surpassed, 250 Facebook likes! So, to thank all of you who have been such good fans and customers, we accelerated the


Juvenile Cases in Honolulu

Your office phone rings just as you were about to begin a project. It’s the principal from your child’s school saying that your son or


Lawyer Headlines in Honolulu DUI

I had the most wonderful visitors in my office last week.  After visiting during my one-year anniversary party, Nonstop Honolulu Online Entertainment and Hawaii: In Real Life decided


True Hustler For Real — Choices

It’s hard to write a response blog to a statement no one can ever hear, but I got to work in my favorite rap video

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Published in the paper this week!

We did it! As a follow up to last weeks decision to write a letter to the Star-Advertiser, one of their editors over there called

In The News

Hawaii Juvenile Law — The CASA program

Since I’ve gone into private practice I’ve been lucky enough to participate in all different types of judicial/non-judicial hearings. I’ve done negotiations, the national TTAB,

Views On The World

Ace Attorney — Phoenix Wright

About two months ago I had the pleasure of seeing my new favorite movie, “Phoenix Wright — Ace Attorney”.  I saw it at the Hawaii

Law Office News

It’s been a Year!

It’s a Celebration! It’s been One year! I can hardly believe its already been a year. And at the same time I can hardly believe

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