Judaism and the Law — I made it!

 So my essay on Judaism and Defense Attorneys was quoted on the “Fighting Anti-Jewish Racism” blog.  I feel like I’ve finally made it. More importantly,

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Hit-and-Run, my very first trial

He was a nice elderly Japanese gentleman.  I asked him his job and he said he was a pastor, but he also a photographer and

The Lawyer that Lawyers Call.

It’s hard to get a better recommendation than another attorney’s recommendation.  A friend of my since law school, who practices very little in criminal law,

Post more now! — Latest e-mail

Being now, the foremost internet expert on the Ice-T sales technique (well, I supposed except for Ice-T) as well as the #1 Google search for

Judaism and Defense Lawyers

Today I had two people ask me, at completely unrelated times “How do you defend people when you know they are guilty?”  And people don’t

Casey Anthony — An Argument

Common apocryphal advice for artists is “If you want to be a artist, just do art!”  Painters often see things in nature, in other pieces

Body Count

Here’s a story I choose to believe is true, about one of the original “Gangster Rappers” named Ice-T.  Now he is an actor on Law

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