Tone Loc, NO!

$50,000 for bail on an abuse charge?  In Hawaii the going rate would be closer to $2,000, or maybe $11,000-$15,000 for a felony.  Once it

Justice League Bulgaria

It turns out overnight someone in Bulgaria turned this: Into this: Turning a Soviet War Monument into the modern-day Justice league of Capitalism.  I cannot


Learning as always, this blawg is teaching me all sorts of things: First, if I announce a new post on Facebook, a large group of

Who Shot Ya?

In 1994 in the ground floor of a New York studio, Tupac Shakur was shot fight times and had his jewelry taken.  Famously he believed

Little brown hairs everywhere

So the Police officer is going to come in, and see if he recognizes anybody. I announce this to the gallery of Defendants and their

Officer down, Officer needs assistance

They are Law Enforcement.  The head of Hawaii TSA is an ex-police officer.  They undergo training, they promise to follow their training.  I would assume

Funky Cold Medina

*KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK* It was just after lunch as I ignored the knocking at the courtroom door. The Jury sent back a communication “we have

Maybe the other way?

My P.O., you can tell her I said it!

 [What] happens is they give your a** those 5 years and hope you mess up so they can give you state time — Maino, talking

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