The First Trial – Where my dogs at

“And where was your dog at this time?” The prosecutor asked the complaining witness, knowing that was my entire defense, “Tied up on the other

Unintended consequences

By increasing the penalty, what our state has done is guarantee anyone arrested under the new law has a right to a jury trial.  Well-meaning

She Drives Me Crazy

One of the main reasons I left the Public Defender’s office, is that I really want to get into Personal Injury law. Two hundred and

The jury is out…

A real conversation with the judge from my first jury trial, waiting for a verdict: “Waiting is really the hardest part,” The judge of my

Looking into the future.

Leaving the Public Defender’s office was a huge step for me. Something, for a long time, I never imagined I would do. It’s something I’m

Blessing the Landsberg Law Office

Here is my good friend Anthony Silano blessing the first version of the Landsberg Law Office. Anthony also performed the marriage between my wife and

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