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We are located at Executive Centre on the corner of Hotel and Bishop st.  

This is the same building with Ross Dress-4-Less and Longs on the Ground floor (also, a high-end coffee Shop, 7-11, HPU, a travel agency and a dry cleaner’s).  

Take one of the escalators to the underground lobby where you will see a “Security Desk”. Give the security guard my name, and they will show you how to get to our office.


If you choose to drive, we do not validate and suggest not parking in our building, as the building parking is entirely too expensive. If you are able, on the corner of Hotel and Ala Kea Streets on the Right-hand Makai/Diamondhead corner is a ramp that goes up into Ali’i place. Parking there is the cheapest in Downtown at (I believe) $1.50 per hour.