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About your DUI case

First, we need to see what court you landed in. The island of Oahu alone has six courthouses that handle DUIs. While laws are statewide, each judge will have his own minor variations and peccadillos that a seasoned attorney needs to know. Who the prosecutors are also affect greatly the outcome of the case. Prosecutors run the gamut of understanding to less so, and if we need to go to trial with an unreasonable prosecutor who cannot understand the importance of a criminal conviction to your life, we have no problem taking them to trial to explain the importance of understanding on side.

On a side note, rumors are some lawyers may tell their clients that everything will be okay or dismissed at the initial consultation. We believe that is malpractice. At this point in the case, they do not know enough to make such a statement and are trying to give you a false sense of security in order to take your money. At The Landsberg Law Office, we are honest with you from the very beginning. Why can give a basic assessment based on your memory of what happened, but before we commit to a full strategy will obtain these things:

  • Offense Report
We will get the Offense Report from the ADLRO. If you choose, we will sit down with you and discuss the contents page by page. There are many ways around a DUI conviction. Why were you pulled over? Is that reason consistent with the current case law? Next, who is the officer? Is he TEU or a DUI Task Force Officer or is he an inexperienced patrolman who is going to crumble on the stand? What Standard Field Sobriety Tests did you perform? Did you have any prior mental or physical injuries?
  • Breath Test Score

    Many attorneys are unwilling, or unable to go up against an Intoxilyzer result. The lawyers at our office are trial tested and proven. We stay up to date on the latest news and scientific findings that relate to any of the Intoxilyzer models nationwide. Often breath tests are simply performed wrong, on the paperwork used to justify them are outdated. The Hawaii Supreme Court has criticized the Honolulu Police Department on the way they have maintained scientific records and instruments in the past, and all that case law may end up being relevant to your case.
  • Blood Test Results

    The science is based on gas chromatography, mass spectrometry gas chromatography or enzymatic assay testing, and is highly scientific. You need an attorney with a science background who can explain the gas chromatography to you in terms that you can understand and can convince the judge he knows the machine better than the police officer. A skilled and knowledgeable DUI trial lawyer will not only challenge the four corners of the science and the chain of custody with the blood, but will also know how the science works and where problems arise in that process.


Few lawyers have learned to win DUI trials on a regular basis. DUI is one of the hardest cases to try because it is an opinion crime. The definition of intoxication is to be under the influence of alcohol (or drugs) in an amount sufficient to impair the person's normal mental faculties or ability to care for the person and guard against casualty, or having a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08 or higher.
A skilled DUI trial attorney needs to systematically weave a thread of doubt throughout the entire case, demonstrating to the judge everything that occurred leading up to, during and after the arrest. The police and district attorney only focus on the negative aspects of your police interaction. We give the judge ALL the information they need to follow the law. The State must prove you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt and it is their job to do so. Our job is to reveal the truth to the judge, even if it prevents the district attorney from completing their mission. It is important to find a lawyer you feel comfortable with, who can communicate with you effectively in a honest manner you can understand. Our central guiding is that we care about our clients: We discuss with you what you are up against, and use your responses during that discussion in how best to express to the court what is important about you.

If the State has a breath or blood test, your case might become more difficult, but a fair judge will still follow the law and find you not guilty. The State must prove that your BAC is accurate and reliable. Honolulu DUI Prosecutors, while well-meaning, are often overworked and relatively young. While still trying to figure out the rules of evidence and how trials work in general, it is hard for them to gain enough knowledge and understanding of the Intoxilyzer machine and infrared spectroscopy to be able present reliably of the results. Blood is more difficult to defend than breath and, again, few DUI defense attorneys understand the science. It is absolutely crucial that you hire a blood or breath DUI trial attorney such as the ones at our office.


A person may be intoxicated by a variety of substances including: alcohol, prescription medication, illegal drugs, over the counter medication or any combination thereof. So, if you look intoxicated and blow a 0.000, you are still not going home. Blowing a 0.000 is the first step of the 14-step Drug Recognition Evaluation where the officer tries to allege that you are intoxicated by something other than alcohol. You are going to need a skilled attorney who is familiar and comfortable in all aspects of a DRE.


The felony DUI has three major differences from preparing and attacking a first DUI. First, the defense is before a jury, not a judge. Second, the jury hears you’ve “done the same thing three times before”. It is a tough—but not impossible—stain to overcome. And third, when it comes to the penalty, we are looking at potentially multiple years in prison. Surprisingly enough, often your case itself is much better as a felony. Using legal techniques, we can get around the stigma of prior DUIs, and the jury gives us much greater leeway for talking about your state of mind and character, rather than simply the bad results of a faceless machine. There is no reason you should be prevented from professing your innocence even though you admitted guilt twice before.
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