Honolulu Liquor Commission Battle for Wang Chung’s

“When life throws lemons at you, let Marcus throw them back”.  — Danny Chang, Wang Chung’s after an the Honolulu Liquor Commission.

Honolulu Liquor commission, Gay, gay bar, Landsberg, Landsberg Law Office, Criminal Defense, Gay lawyer, hawaiiLandsberg Law Office is a proud member of the Waikiki community.  And we do what we can to support other members of our community.  It is with great pleasure that I was able to help a tiny bar, Wang Chung’s, get the Liquor Commission to reconsider a previous ruling.  Before the case came to me, the Liquor Commission handed down a ruling that would have effectively shuttered this local watering hole.

In a very intense hearing, we got the Liquor Commission to reconsider that order, allowing the bar to stay open for all of its patrons.

These are the moments I dreamed of in Law School.

Read it in Danny’s Own words: Wang Chung’s Review of Landsberg Law Office

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