Juvenile Cases in Honolulu

Juvenile Cases in Honolulu

Your office phone rings just as you were about to begin a project. It’s the principal from your child’s school saying that your son or daughter has been arrested. Then they go forward and explain one of three things: 1. A scenario describing your son as the most horrible black-hearted monster that you’ve never met and cannot imagine. 2. A school day prank that would’ve rated no more than an afternoon in the principal’s office during the days we went to school. 3. The scariest of all: nothing. Just come down. The juvenile police have some questions they want to ask you. The problem with the juvenile system is that the case can follow your child, even past when they become an adult. It is important, from the earliest stages, to have someone who can explain the system to you, to minimize the trauma that is guaranteed to occur. [title]Recent Juvenile Arrests[/title] Recently here at the Landsberg Law Office we’ve received an influx of calls relating to Juvenile arrests. [two_third]When one father with a good job and number of kids who’ve never been in trouble called me for help with his 12 year old, I was concerned. Turned out this young boy was being accused as a potential rapist, to be labeled as a sex offender for life. The parents described what had been told to them, and it was pretty much a game of truth or dare. The type of game we’re not allowed to play, but we all played anyway.

And then the boy walks in, the cutest little mop-topped blonde boy. Might have well been the youngest child on “Eight is Enough”. And the boy wouldn’t stop crying. He was deathly afraid. Could not at all talk about what happened on that day. You do this job long enough you know when people are lying or hiding something from you. This boy was hiding something, but it wasn’t because he was lying it was because of the psychological trauma he went through:


[one_third_last] [/one_third_last] For the rest of his life, he will also associate touching a breast with being taken by strangers with handcuffs to Detention Home (Juvenile Hall). No matter what happened to his case he will have an unhealthy distrust of females, of police, potentially of authority. Luckily we were able to discuss with the prosecutors the real situation around the game, and no charges were filed. Hopefully he can heal soon with his family. In another case, we had to proceed to trial, and won, for a boy playing with a group of boys who were punching each other in the testicles. They called it a  “man check”. I remember calling it a “cup check”. Now the State of Hawaii tried  to call it Assault in the Third degree. [title]Information you can use[/title] Recently, the juvenile justice system of New York put together a comic book that tries to explain how the Juvenile system works.  It’s not EXACTLY the way the system works in Honolulu, but it’s close enough. It contains most of the right steps and much of the right process. Look at this comic, it’s made for children but you can decide if your child is mature enough to understand the process. If you need further information, don’t be afraid to contact the Landsberg Law Office, let’s see what we can do. [bar_info_box_1 buttontext=”Now!” buttonurl=”mailto:LandsbergLegal@gmail.com” text=”Send an email for the comic!” /]

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