Looking into the future.

Leaving the Public Defender’s office was a huge step for me. Something, for a long time, I never imagined I would do. It’s something I’m sure I will write chapters about in the future. For now, for me, it was just time to leave.

But then what happens next? Is it a small firm job? A big office job? Or is it what I decided to do, open up my own practice. Well, here I am. Looking out the window of a huge office, looking at the Pacific Ocean, looking over Ala Moana Mall, and looking towards the future.

I’ve already made a dollar or two. I’ve already turned away a client or two. But, like the great philosopher said, I’m just trying to make a dollar out of fifteen cents (a dime and a nickel). And, if possible, keep a few people honest as I do it.

This Blog

I figure this blog is a place for me to de-stress and unwind. It’s not an advertisement (it might be the opposite) and it’s definitely not a guarantee (I guarantee it’s not that).

I figure I’ll talk about old cases and new experiences. I have a number of Court experiences to get through, and new experiences are only piling up. I absolutely will not betray any attorney-client privilege. I will also change facts to make them more believable (it’s amazing how unbelievable the truth often is.) I will post as I have time, so hopefully not so much…

That’s the phone!

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