National DUI vs. Hawaii DUI
Honolulu DUI dismissal statistics

National DUI vs. Hawaii DUI

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“There’s three types of lies in the world: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” – Origin disputed. 

nationwide DUI arrest chart
National DUI arrest statistics.

(Infographic courtesy of Project Know, using Department of Justice statistics).

Congratulations Hawaii! According the the US Department of Justice and the FBI our DUI arrests are way under the National Average. Either what we’re doing to limit DUIs is working, or we’re horribly under-arresting. I assure you it isn’t the latter.

Coming in forty seventh, DUI is such a minor problem in Hawaii that we’re in the bottom five of all states for percentage of driving population arrested for DUI. For every 10,000 drivers there are less than ten arrests (conceivably, some people may be arrested twice in a year. Or a day.) Compare this to North Dakota, where the figure comes closer to 100 arrests per 10,000 drivers. And what happens once you’re arrested in Hawaii?

The most recent news story concluded at least one in four cases get dismissed. 

Dismissal DUI records
Honolulu DUI dismissal statistics
  • 3,586 Charged
  • 433 Dismissed for Good
  • 482 Dismissed, could re-file


Probably because the system and the punishments we have are not the best, but what do I know, the current system seems to be working better than at least 45 of the other states! Although one Wyoming mother has an interesting suggestion as far the punishment when her son got a DUI case!

Alternative DUI punishment Hawaii
One way to get a cheap car

VERY mad mother selling 16 yr. old son’s 1993 Ford Ranger. Drove 3 mos. before son forgot to use his brain and got caught driving drunk. $3,500 OBO. Call meanest mother in Wyoming, 307-***-****

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