Not the Nancy Grace Show — Bad Attorney

Not the Nancy Grace Show — Bad Attorney

Nancy Grace, Objection, Casey Anthony, Bad LawyerI want to be very clear about this:  This blog does not follow the same rules as the Nancy Grace show.  Opinions are welcome.  (Informed opinions slightly more so, but uninformed opinions can give me inspiration to write more, so ok.)  Telling someone you disagree with them in a strong way: entertaining.

Accusations of crimes, okay IF THEY ARE GUILTY.  If they have a strong likelihood of guilt, its okay as long as its easy to understand that you are not saying they have been found guilty.

If you are saying someone has a criminal record, or someone is on a “troll watch list”, put the link to the credible evidence to your accusation.  I have no idea which “troll watch list” you are talking about.  So link to it.  You know about it, it’s been bothering you for years, then you probably have it bookmarked.

IF YOU ACCUSE someone of slander 1. Understand what that means, because I think it’s hard to commit on a blog site, and 2. say what the slander was, because I don’t see it.

This is not Nancy Grace.  I will not have unfounded accusations floating around my site.  Unless I make them.

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