Officer down, Officer needs assistance

June 11, 2011 Star-Advertiser

They are Law Enforcement.  The head of Hawaii TSA is an ex-police officer.  They undergo training, they promise to follow their training.  I would assume if you asked them, under oath, if they followed all their steps in every case, they would say “Yes. of course”.

But if the trial ended last week, or yesterday, no one would know that they were lazy Law Enforcement Officers.  They can absolutely arrest you.  They can go through your bags without a warrant.  They can look at you naked through a machine. And if that doesn’t work, they get to feel your most sensitive areas.

And now 48 of them are terminated or suspended.

So what is the point?

Two days ago I had a conversation with a man who was just incredulous cops lie.  Had no idea about LAPD’s RAMPART division.  Had no concept of the CIA and “Freeway” Ricky Ross.  David Mack was a mystery.  No concept that police ever take a shortcut.  That they ever miss a check they’re supposed to make.  No concept that their training teaches them what to SAY, as opposed to what to DO.

We spent an hour and a half of our meeting talking about this.  David Mack alone is a favorite topic.

David Mack mug shot.jpg
Cuz the boys in the hood are always hard

Training and trust do not equal competence.  Or even honesty.  or even well meanings.  They cannot give you a test, at the police academy, that can guarantee someone is becoming a Law Enforcement Officer to save the public.  Just last week two different police/ex-police officers were on trial in separate courtrooms.  We’re waiting for the retrial of four different police officers who clearly misled on their police reports.  At least one officer admitted to it.

We want our law enforcement officers to be infallible.  To some degree we demand it.  A officer makes a simple labeling mistake on a report, the wrong person has a gun in his pocket.  A officer misses the wrong bag he was supposed to check, a airplane explodes.

They make mistakes. They get lazy.  Sometimes they take advantage.

And as a community we need to recognize that.  That sometimes, they take advantage of their training.  And it might be more often than you’re willing to accept.

Like, 48 officers at the airport. Today.

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