Post more now! — Latest e-mail

Being now, the foremost internet expert on the Ice-T sales technique (well, I supposed except for Ice-T) as well as the #1 Google search for “Casey Anthony mad at attorney” I’ve been getting phone calls:

Marcus, post something. Where’ve you been?



At the same time, the less necessary parts of the practice, like the blawg (which pronounced differently, sounds more like “brag”) have to take a back seat.  But busy = good in a law firm.  A lot of excitement in the last few days.  Last week especially things took off like a rocket ship.

Expect more success stories soon, and expect more current event stories as well.  I had an article on the Puck from the Real World’s abuse charge and the status of the other members of the Real World San Francisco cast, and then I realized: that really has nothing to do with my Law Firm.  So rather than make an unnecessary connection between two completely unrelated things and attempt to find a moral out of their similarity or differences, I just sat back and waited to write something concrete.

Will do soon.

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