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UPDATED 7/1/2014:

Marcus Landsberg wins acquittal for escaped Convict.

Marcus Landsberg fights for MauiWatch founder’s right to be on Maui ballot. 

Hawaii IN REAL LIFE w/ Melissa Chang


A Recent Public Interest piece done by Melissa Chang at NONSTOP HONOLULU Magazine. (click photo)

News Commentary

Newspaper Collection

Preliminary hearing

Preliminary Hearing with Catastrophic Bodily Injury.

Confessions, eyewitnesses, and Traffic shut down during rush hour.

Very scary cases.









Taking on the media from day one.


Two years to prepare. Twenty minutes to decide.

Action video









Forcing the Officer into a corner. (with Video)

Original Viaduct Assault Victory.

Three Confessions.  Two Recorded.

A newspaper collection

Partial newspaper collection of the principle attorney in the Landsberg Law Office

Japanese News Coverage

Featured expert on Hawaii law for Japan NHK’s “Bikkuri Horitsu” (Surprising Laws) with Kiyoshi Kodama (Pictured).