New commercial for my friend Marcus Landsberg, the attorney I would hire if I was charged with a crime.

David Lusk, Esq.
Local Honolulu Attorney

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I’ve been asked where are the next generation of lawyers who will become leaders in our profession. @LandsbergLaw is one of the “next”…

Representative Della Au Belatti
House District 24

I worked in court with Marcus for many years, so when I found myself needing advice, he’s the one I called.  that’s because no one, and I mean no one, will go to the lengths he will to research all the facts, all the law, and all the options for your case.  And if it goes to a hearing, no one is as tenacious and aggressive as Marcus. I’ve gone back to him several times for help with federal benefits I was being screwed out of and contract disputes.  If I was ever charged with a crime, he’d be the first person I would call.

Name Withheld by Request
US Military Reserve

 Who do lawyers call when they need a lawyer? Mark Landsberg that’s who.

Sonny Ganaden
Freelance Writer

Marcus is the man! After several years of honing his skills at the Office of the Public Defender, I know he has the experience and old-fashioned diligence to handle the heaviest of cases. He helped me immensely in my traffic cases. I’ll definitely call him if I’m ever indicted for something worse!

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