DUI is a highly technical charge and you need an attorney that can use their complete grasp of the law to explain it clearly to both a first-time arrestee and a judge. We handle all stages of the DUI as well as the license suspension process with the ADLRO to minimize any intrusion on your life.

Excessive Speeding

Excessive Speeding is not the simple traffic violation it should be. It comes with mandatory community service and a license suspension, unless handled properly. Read our *FREE* breakdown on the current state of the Excessive Speeding law as enforced in Honolulu.


Domestic Violence policy on Oahu often requires someone be arrested by HPD which starts a snowball that can affect jobs, child custody, alimony and divorce settlements. Even when a witness does not want to prosecute a good attorney is necessary to make sure you do not say the wrong thing in your own defense.

Personal Injury

Whether slip and fall or car accident, medical malpractice or first amendment violations, the Landsberg Law Office uses the methodology that brings success. Being particular about every detail drives well-researched and positioned attacks on your behalf, until your wrongs have been corrected.

Temporary Restraining Orders &
Orders of Protection

A Temporary Restraining Order can give you freedom from an ex, a family member, or even a stranger that keeps harassing you. We can help guide a Judge to consider the reasons you should be left alone, or why the Order restraining you would be unfair. You shouldn't have to worry about Court while also worrying about safety.


In 2016 The Landsberg Law Office fought the Prosecutor’s Office and the Department of Public Safety all the way to the Hawaii Supreme Court to fight their unjust prosecutions. The Hawaii Supreme Court agreed with attorney Marcus Landsberg in saying that the Defendant was Not Guilty of escaping prison as a matter of law.


Hawaii state runs the Administrative Driver's License Revocation Office as a well to facilitate stopping people arrested but not yet convicted of a DUI from Driving. We deal with the ADLRO on a regular basis as a means to help save people's ability to drive.

Roadblock Map

For years the Landsberg Law Office has maintained the Hawaii Roadblock and Traffic Enforcement map, focusing on Oahu. Check the map before you drive to see if that road is a common DUI stop. Check after you get arrested to see if you can work with other people arrested in the same location.

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