The Honolulu Road Block and Speed Trap Interactive Map

By clicking on each flag you can see the statistics for that specific traffic stop.​

The Honolulu Police Department is required by law to announce roadblocks. In in advance. They also publicize their “speed operations” and mass traffic citations. The Landsberg Law Office takes these public records along with any other Roadblock publication information to create this map of Roadblocks and traffic operations. Finally, just from being in court, we can add sites of Honolulu roadblocks and speed traps that all defense attorneys are well aware of. The above map the sum total of all of these sources. The purpose is many fold:

  • You can see graphically where the police are (and are not) pulling people over.
  • You can see if you are part of a mass stop, which may entitle you to different rights or defenses than an ordinary stop.
  • By sharing information with other people arrested in the same location, both people may be able to arm themselves with additional knowledge that could benefit and beat their case.
  • Most importantly, it should warn you that police are PULLING PEOPLE OVER everywhere, and that you should both Slow Down and not Drink and Drive.

If your enemy is in superior strength, evade him...

Sun Tzu

Please let us know if you have any information about a roadblock or speed enforcement event here.

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About the Honolulu Roadblock and Speed Trap Map

 Feel free to share this information with your friends and update us with any information you may have witnessed. The goal is to make this a page we can contribute to and rely upon for recent Roadblock information. To hold a Roadblock the police must first publicize it, and then adhere to very strict standards while it is open. The more information we have about each Roadblock, the more we can hold the Honolulu Police Department to their burden in keeping the Roadblocks honest.

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