Juvenile Cases in Honolulu

Your office phone rings just as you were about to begin a project. It’s the principal from your child’s school saying that your son or daughter has been arrested. Then they go forward and explain one of three things: 1. A scenario describing your son as the most horrible black-hearted monster that you’ve never met and cannot imagine. 2. A school day prank that would’ve rated no more than an afternoon in the principal’s office during the days we went to school. 3. The scariest of all: nothing. Just come down. The juvenile police have some questions they want to ask you. The problem with the juvenile system is that the case can follow your child, even past when they become an adult. It is important, from the earliest stages, to have someone who can explain the system to you, to minimize the trauma that is guaranteed to occur. [title]Recent Juvenile Arrests[/title] (more…)

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