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Deedy and Jury Deliberation: And the Prediction

Jury deliberation in the Deedy case is entering its fourth full day, so what does that mean? The answer: absolutely nothing. The only thing it means is everybody who told you that this was an obvious case, that it’s a slam-dunk, that either Deedy is going […]

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Deedy surveillance video — Honolulu Trial


A quick update: late yesterday the Star advertiser published the two videos that the defense and the prosecution I wanted to put in the evidence on the Christopher Deedy case. Both of these videos are linked below. Watch on your own. After you watch the videos please read […]

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Christopher Deedy, George Zimmerman, and Opening Statement Strategy

Today the trial of Christopher Deedy started with their opening statements. To listen to one side, he was a law enforcement officer protecting an innocent. To believe the other, he was a drunk haole initiating and escalating a confrontation. Luckily today I was able to watch most of […]

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