Was it a mistake before or only after it happened?

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Lack of intent is always an issue at trial.  Always start with “I didn’t do it”.  Then we move to, “Hey, if I did do it, I really didn’t mean to do it.” Whatever it was.  But what didn’t the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) Police not mean to do?  Did he not mean to shoot the kid with a gun? Because releasing the snap that holds the gun, pulling the gun which is a certain weight, and pulling a trigger are all things people do when they mean to shoot a gun.  The cop’s testimony is that he meant to fire a TASER.  A TASER that is bright yellow, half the weight of a gun. And unnecessary in that position.

See it all on video.

Yes it is
Middle Cops right hand. Three police sitting on his neck. Let's shoot 'im.

In front of a transit car full of witnesses, many filming, the police killed a man and then reportedly attempted to take the cell phones away of the amateur documentarians.  Then, in front of a jury which contained NO black people, the color of the people being stopped by the police, the police officer was acquitted of murder, although he was convicted of involuntary manslaughter.  The conviction July 8, 2010 and where is  the shooter, Johannes Mehserle today, 11 months later?

What’s the moral of this story? Ironically enough a kid in my 11th grade Spanish class told me this moral years ago:  If you want to kill somebody, first be a cop.

On second thought, maybe it’s “Get a good Defense Attorney!”

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